Aubade (1999)
flute and piano
7 minutes
commissioned by Maria Feltner

Between Spring and Summer (2005)
saxophone quartet
commissioned by Cory Barnfield

Chorale (2004)
3 minutes

Cloudscapes (2009)
six flutes, alto flute, bass flute
8 minutes
Commissioned by Joyce Wilson for the Indiana State University Flute Ensemble

Impulse (2000)
flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon
10 minutes
recorded on ELFCD 1011
commissioned by the Indiana State University Faculty Wind Quintet and the University Arts Endowment 

In Praise of Folly (2008)
euphonium, bass trombone, and piano
8 minutes
commissioned by A.J. Miller and Brian Loomis  

In Silence Under Many A Star (1998)
clarinet, violin, piano
14 minutes
commissioned by John Spicknall 

Links (2004)
clarinet, horn, cello, piano
10 minutes
commissioned by Brian Kilp 

Links II (2006)
clarinet and cello
10 minutes
more info
commissioned by William Conable and Jane Ellsworth 

A Music Of Sighs (1995)
solo flute
3 minutes 

Peel Out! (1999)
alto saxophone, percussion, piano
4 minutes
commissioned by Paul Bro, Jimmy Finnie, and Martha Krasnican

Prelude and Bacchanal (2003)
violin, horn, piano
5 minutes
commissioned by Brian Kilp 

Reading Issa (2002)
viola and harp
7 minutes
commissioned by Nai-Ying Liao and Vanessa Gong 

Scherzino (2004)

3 minutes 

Silent Delight (1992)
3 minutes 

Trio (2010)
clarinet, bassoon, and piano
20 minutes
commissioned by Robert Riseling

Two Meditations (1989)
violin (or cello), organ
4 minutes
commissioned by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fort Wayne 

Two Pieces for Bassoon and Piano (1998)
4 minutes
commissioned by Chad Roseland 

When Soft Voices Die (1999)
oboe and piano
6 minutes
commissioned by Jason Sloan

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