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  1. Natalie Nielsen says:


    I saw that you were working on an orchestral version of the Gurewich Saxophone Concerto. Do you know of any band version? I’m searching high and low for one!

    Natalie Nielsen

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for asking. Actually, my friend Scotty Stepp and a lot of other people have been looking into this for a long time and no band version has ever turned up. It seems that Gurewich’s original score has completely vanished.

    I haven’t mentioned this on my blog yet, but Scotty now wants me to turn the orchestration into a band version. I’m only working on the third movement for now, but he may want me to do the rest of it later.

    I’m supposed to have the third movement done by November so Scotty can play it in the spring. At some point I hope to make it available to other saxophonists, but I’ll have to do the paperwork to get permission first, since it’s still under copyright. But I’ll be glad keep you apprised.

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