Composing is weird, part 1

I must admit that so far I’m doing a poor job of following my New Year’s resolution. Time to try harder. Here’s a little observation from my creative life.

So my main project at the moment is a fairly large piece for chorus and orchestra (which I’ll have more to say about later). As it stands, all the work I’ve done is on various sections in the middle of the piece. Even though I have a pretty clear idea of what I want the beginning and end to sound like, so far it’s been difficult to nail it down, so I’ve been putting them off.

A couple of days ago, I had the rare luxury of an afternoon at home with nothing to distract me, so I made up my mind to try to make some headway on the opening section of the work. But after several hours of concentrated writing, crossing out, and rewriting, I just didn’t get anywhere, so I gave it up for the time being.

Yesterday I was busy with several things, but the piece was still on my mind. I thought about it casually whenever I had a few free moments between the other things, and I easily figured out a big piece of the puzzle, namely the first choral entrance, which I kept in mind until I got home and wrote it down.

This happens all the time!

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