Oh, yeah, I have a blog

This has really gotten ridiculous. In a lot of my recent posts I acknowledge that I don’t update the blog often enough, and promise to do better. So what happens? I let over nine months go by without an update. I’m not sure at this point if there’s any point in promising to do better, since I’ve made that promise in the past but the problem has only gotten worse. I’ll keep trying.

A lot has happened in the intervening time, which will probably take several posts to cover. I’ll start by belatedly announcing the release of “New People,” the first CD by the Chiaroscuro Trio, featuring my song cycle The Rain Is Full Of Ghosts. Wonderful performances, not only of my work, but works by Rob Deemer, Michael Colgrass, Jonathan Santore, and Graham Reynolds. Buy it!

As far as creative activities are concerned, I’ve mainly been up do doing Pops arrangements of various things, but I also had time to work on a couple of commissioned pieces. I will briefly note them here and will have more to say about them later.

  • St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church here in Terre Haute commissioned The Baptism of Christ for chorus, oboe, and organ, in memory of Rosemary England.
  • Murmur, a work for electric guitar and marimba, was written for Tim Doyle and Kyle Lutes.

I wrote a couple of uncommissioned short pieces as well. There was a little Prelude for piano which I wrote as part of the Introduction to Composition course I teach in the spring. As part of the class, I usually write a piece from scratch, talking about the progress of the work as it goes, discussing any problems I’m having and how I solve them. I’m still not sure what the piece is a prelude to; perhaps there will be some sort of Piano Suite in the future.

Also added to the work list is an electronic piece, drip. This started with the recorded sound of a dripping faucet, which was processed several times using Paulstretch sound stretching software, then layering and crossfading portions of the processed audio. The effect, to me, is startling; the original sound, generally considered annoying, is transformed into a warm, rich, ambient drone, which I find quite pleasing. Listen here.

More has happened, and additional updates will follow. No, really!

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  1. Dan, I have an idea to share with you. I think the idea of lectures on your process during the composing a new piece, given as a teaching aid, as you describe it in this blog, is an amazingly cool idea. What about compiling videos of your lectures on one of these endeavors? Seems like it would be fascinating to students everywhere, inspiring and helpful, and attract interest to your work (e.g. sell more CDs!). It seems like it would be really neat to watch. I know I’d really enjoy it, personally.


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