Performances, recent and upcoming

Six weeks or so since my last update???? I obviously have no business even keeping a blog. Seriously, I shouldn’t even be on the internet at all.

But I’m here now, so let’s see, what has been happening lately?

A few weeks ago, on September 9, my Prelude and Bacchanal was performed at the New York Chamber Music Festival by the Delphinium Trio (Elmira Darvarova, violin; Howard Wall, horn; and Tomoko Kanamaru, piano). Martha and I decided to attend, partly because it was just a good reason to spend a weekend in NYC, which we haven’t seen in something like 15 years. The weather was lovely, and we got to do the whole tourist thing for a couple of days, and capped it off with the performance. It went beautifully, expertly performed by some of New York’s top musicians, and seems to have been well received by the audience (three people asked me to sign their programs, even!). A fine experience, one I hope to repeat.

Coming up: Auspicious Light will be premiered at ISU’s Contemporary Music Festival sometime between October 24-26 (the exact schedule doesn’t seem to have been finalized just yet).

Also, Brittany Mosely, a voice student here at ISU, will be giving her senior recital on October 27, and has decided to include my song cycle The Rain Is Full Of Ghosts. I’ll be playing viola, and Sharry Spicknall will play piano.

And of course, there will be the Viola Concerto premiere on November 3.

Also of interest, perhaps, is a side project of mine. Since this is John Cage’s centennial year, I couldn’t let it go by without some acknowledgement, so I’m organizing a John Cage recital on November 5. Martha and I will be playing a couple of pieces for violin and piano, Martha will play a prepared piano piece and possibly the Suite for Toy Piano. We’ll be joined by some of our colleagues and students in other pieces (more information later). I’ve also been working on a version of Winter Music for virtual pianos, and a MIDI version of Imaginary Landscape no. 4 (which is turning out to be more time consuming than I had expected–hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in time).

No new composing, though. Since finishing the Viola Concerto I’ve had a stack of other projects, mostly arrangements for other people–“nice little earners,” to quote Elgar. So, no plans to attempt any composing for the rest of the year.

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