Viola Concerto complete

(Inserts usual apology for not updating more often.)

I ran into some circumstances beyond my control which delayed me completing the Viola Concerto for a few days. The old computer  that I did all my music stuff on (and that I named Madame Schuman-Heink for reasons I’ve totally forgotten) suddenly died, apparently due to a motherboard failure. The repair shop I took it to said that the computer was old enough that replacing the motherboard was a dubious prospect at best, so bye-bye Madame.

I’d been thinking about replacing it for a while anyway, so this just gave me the incentive to finally do it. The new computer (which I’ve named Milton) arrived from Sweetwater on Saturday, the 21st, and after getting a few things set up, I was able to get right to work.

Being computerless for a few days was annoying, but luckily I haven’t forgotten how to use good old pencil and paper, so I spent the time drafting the second movement. The last bit of the concerto to be written was the 6-bar introduction to the second movement, which I finished right around the time Milton arrived. The concerto was officially finished on July 26, and has been added to the work list.

Another recent aquisition relevant to the Viola Concerto arrived at the house yesterday. The last movement has a prominent part for frame drum, and I had an urge to obtain one, partly for the concerto and partly because it looked like it would be interesting to play, so I ordered a tar from Cooperman Fife and Drum. That can’t be a bad idea, can it?

There’s more news, but it’ll have to wait, as it’s late and I’m tired. So, good night all.

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2 Responses to Viola Concerto complete

  1. Dan, congratulations! I’m really looking forward to hearing this. I’m assuming you’ll announce a performance here.


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