November update (very late!)

It’s been a very busy month, as Novembers tend to be for me. My monthly project update is almost three weeks late. And I’m still busy, so I’ll be quick.

Finished: my arrangement of Angels we have Heard On High for soprano and orchestra. Will be premiered by the Terre Haute Symphony and Carmel Symphony, both times with Kate Hamilton.

Need to get back to: various arrangements for Steve Lippia. These were on the back burner while I did the Angels arrangement.

Current plans: Work on finishing arrangements. Then I have several composition projects waiting for me. The plan is to try to have all the arrangements done by the end of this year, and return to composition after New Year’s Day. More or less.

Whew. That’s all I have time for right now. A few interesting things have happened, but I’ll have to make that the subject of another post.

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