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Alongside the Viola Concerto, I’ve been working on several other projects that I haven’t yet mentioned. Allow me to mention them now.

  • The Columbus Indiana Philharmonic plans to perform Richard Strauss’s Festival Prelude on an upcoming concert in the fall (I don’t recall the date and am apparently too lazy to look it up). This is a work for organ and one of Strauss’s typical enormous post-Romantic orchestras–quintuple woodwind including Heckelphone, eight horns and so on, but surprisingly little percussion. I’ve been asked to come up with a version for a somewhat more normal-sized orchestra, which I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks now, and is going much more quickly than I expected.
  • Several transcriptions for viola and piano, which are now done and have just gone to the printer. They include Four Pieces by Gliere (opp. 9 & 32, originally for double bass and piano), the Fantasistykker, op. 2, originally for oboe and piano by Carl Nielsen, and two arias from Weber’s Der Freischütz, for soprano, viola, and piano. All these will go up on my publishing website in a few days. I also plan to take them with me to the International Viola Congress later this week (I’ll be there on Thursday and Friday).

Meanwhile, work on the Viola Concerto is still going on. As of this morning, the solo part of the third movement is nearly finished, while the orchestra part is still very sketchy, mostly just chord symbols and a few melodic ideas.

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