Viola concerto status, with marginally relevant digressions

I have been working on the third movement of the viola concerto, trying to finish it first. As of this morning, I have maybe two thirds of it sketched out, namely the exposition of a sonata form, a cadenza, and the recapitulation of the first theme followed by a coda. For the moment, I have skipped over the development and the recapitulation of the second theme. In other words, I have the first three minutes, the last three minutes, but not yet the middle three minutes. Hopefully I’m just a week or so away from getting the last bit sketched out.

I’m still calling it “Estampie,” even though I don’t think you’ll find many estampies in sonata form.

Another interesting feature of the movement is that it will include a prominent part for djembe (again, not a terribly “authentic” instrument for an estampie, but I don’t care), which will drive much of the first theme and part of the cadenza. It’s the first time I’ve written for djembe, so I’ve been looking through Youtube for video examples to get a handle on the style. In the process of following links randomly, I came across this, which isn’t actually a djembe, but still a very fine performance on the darbuka.

Don’t worry, the djembe part in the concerto won’t be nearly as elaborate.

All my work for the last few weeks has been on the third movement. I have bits and pieces of the first two movements done, too, but I’m deliberately not working on them for now.

Finally, I’ll be attending the International Viola Congress┬áin a couple of weeks, mainly with the hope of promoting interest in the concerto and some other viola related projects of mine. Looking forward to it.

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