Long-overdue updates, and some news

Completed: Auspicious Light for 2 pianos and percussion is finished. Sort of. I mean, it is, but I expect that there will be a few edits and revisions before I’m really done. Expected premiere date is sometime this fall.

Current: I’m working on a new set of arrangements for Cameron Carpenter. This time it’s Irving Berlin songs, four of them to be exact. I’m nearly done with them, I expect to wrap things up this weekend.¬†Cameron will give the first performance with the Carmel Symphony¬†this coming April 14 at the Center for the Performing Arts in Carmel.

Next: I believe I’ve mentioned the Viola Concerto. I’ve had to keep it mainly on the back burner because of other projects, but with the Irving Berlin arrangements nearly out of the way, I won’t have any other pressing commitments, so I’ll be able (hopefully) to work on it exclusively for a while. I don’t know the premiere date yet, but it will be next season sometime.

Upcoming performances

  • March 10, The Carmel Symphony Orchestra will be doing a concert of Irish music with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, including several of my arrangements.
  • March 11, Scotty Stepp will be giving the first performance of my band arrangement of the Gurewich saxophone concerto with the DePauw University Concert Band, Craig Pare conducting.
  • March 30 will be the US premiere of my Trio for clarinet, bassoon, and piano, here in Terre Haute. The performers will be Kelly Rogers Niiyama, clarinet; Chad Roseland, bassoon; and the irreplaceable Martha Krasnican, piano.

And that’s about it for now.

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