One thing down

The arrangement of Good King Wenceslas is finished and has been given to the Carmel Symphony. One down.

The Concerto Piccolo is back to top priority. I worked on it for a few hours this afternoon and got a lot done, mainly on the piccolo part. Hopefully, a bit of momentum has kicked in and I’ll be able to finish it in a few weeks.

There’s also a little progress on Carol of the Birds┬áto report. Not much, but I’ve filled in a couple of pages of sketches. I now have an outline of the harmonic progressions, and a good deal of the voice leading. There’s also a good idea (only in my head at the moment) for beginning the arrangement, but still no idea how to end it. I’m still planning it to feature solo violin and cello, accompanied by 8 other solo strings and possibly harp as well (not certain about the harp, though).

Nothing on any of the other projects to report for now.

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