First post in far too long

I’m a little embarrassed that I’ve let the blog sit her for so long without being updated. I can only plead that I’ve had a bit too much to think about for a while. I want to try to get back on track here, so let me start by listing the various things I’ve been working on for the last two and a half months.

For the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic and Children’s Choir, I orchestated two Christmas songs. One of them, “Peace,” was written by the choir’s director, Ruth Dwyer. She seemed pleased with my effort, which was nice to know. These were performed in Columbus a couple of weeks ago.

More arrangements for children’s choir and orchestra, this time for the Indianapolis Children’s Choir and the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. This is for a concert of Irish music planned for March–I’m not sure of the date, but one assumes it will be near St. Patrick’s Day. I adapted a few of my earlier arrangments for tenor and orchestra, including an extended version of “Molly Malone” taken from the Irish Medley. I also orchestrated someone else’s song, and (this was difficult) wrote a 3-part arrangement of “Danny Boy,” written to be compatible with Percy Grainger’s string orchestra version of “Irish Tune from County Derry.”

All the while, I’ve been working on “Auspicious Light,” which is getting nearer to completion (and needs to be done soon, if it’s to be performed in February as scheduled).

This semester, I’ve also been involved in establishing Indiana State University’s first ever Electronic Music Studio. It’s a very exciting thing to be involved in, and I think is going to require it’s own post (with pictures) in the next few days.

But that will be later. Right now I have to sign off and get ready to go to a rehearsal for The Nutcracker, in which I’m playing tomorrow afternoon–after which I’ll be done with Christmas gigs.

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