October update (late again!)

I try to do these at the beginning of the month but it doesn’t always happen. Last month’s was 11 days late, this one is only 9. I’m improving!

So here’s what’s done and what isn’t.

New arrangements. Stardust is done, and turned out pretty well. Scored for 4 horns, strings, harp, percussion, and rhythm section. Slightly unusual instrumentation, but I like those. So along with Beyond the Sea from last month, I’ve got two down. Need to pick up the pace. Next up will be either Unforgettable or Mack the Knife.

Besides all the arrangements for Steve Lippia, I need to find time to do a new arrangement of Angels We Have Heard On High for the Terre Haute Symphony. I did one for choir and orchestra several years ago, but they want one for soprano and orchestra, “In the Joan Sutherland tradition” according to them. Soloist will be Kate Hamilton. Need to get on that right away, too.

New compositions. Not much to report. Nothing has been finished, but I’ve been making progress when I have time on Strings In The Earth And Air for tenor, viola, and piano.

I’ve also been making a few random sketches for the upcoming trio for clarinet, bassoon, and piano, which I plan to start after Christmas (assuming I get all my other stuff done in time). I’ve also been asked to write a short piece for a student woodwind quintet, to be performed next semester, so I need to get on that right away!

Other stuff. I’ve been making a mock-up of the choir parts to Holst’s The Planets for an upcoming performance by the Carmel Symphony. That’s next month, so it needs to be finished post-haste. It’s actually pretty much done, except there’s a few balance issues that need to be ironed out. Fortunately, I’m off tomorrow, so I’ll have time to get that finalized. When it’s done, I plan to make it available to other orchestras, if I can figure out a way to promote it.

The mock up is being done with the Vienna Symphonic Library Soprano Choir. I started using it because of VSL’s supposedly superior legato samples, but I found them unusable. Their legato features a pronounced “scoop” between notes which I just found annoying, so I’m just using the standard sustain articulation, which seems to give a much better result. (I’m probably just doing it wrong.)

Also: new websites. This has just been a huge headache, but hopefully one I can make go away this weekend. The Swan’s Wing Press website has been down for a week or two, because I’m migrating to a new host (who are also hosting danielpowers.info), and I’m apparently not tech-savvy enough to do it right. Another priority for my day off tomorrow!

My upcoming recital! The recital on January 28 is coming together. Here’s what’s currently on the program:

  • Between Spring and Summer for saxophone quartet
  • Links II for alto saxophone and cello
  • Chorale and Scherzino for solo piano

Hoping to include Strings In The Earth And Air if I can finish it in time and if I can confirm performers. Also possibly Two Pieces for Bassoon and Piano and In Praise of Folly. These are likely, but not yet definite.

So I’ve got my work cut out for me. Wish me luck!

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