A new project, as if I needed one more.

I refuse to become one of those bloggers who apologize for not posting more frequently. I haven’t posted in over a month. So sue me.

Here’s something new I’ve started. Over the past year or so I’ve noticed that a lot of composers are posting YouTube videos of their music with the score displayed. I’m enjoying this phenomenon, as I’ve always preferred having the score to look at when I hear a new piece, and this is introducing me to a lot of interesting new pieces. Look at this fearfully complex piece by Brian Fernyhough, for instance. Amazing!

Last year, I was helping to look for repertoire for Cramped Spaces Ensemble, and found J. Ricketson’s Blue Shift on YouTube, which led to the work getting performed here at ISU. I took from this that it might be a good idea to jump on this trend, and a few days ago I got started doing just that.

To get my feet wet, I slapped together a score/video of my Scherzino for piano. I took a recording from my CD “Spring and Fall” (Martha played it, of course), saved the score as a series of TIFF images in Finale, and put them together in Microsoft Movie Maker (whose main virtue is that it’s a free program). Here’s the result.

It wasn’t too difficult or time-consuming to do, but Movie Maker is kind of a clunky program to deal with. You get what you pay for, of course, so I went out and got Sony Vegas Platinum to continue the project. My first attempt was with my Prelude and Bacchanal for violin, horn, and piano. At first, I wasn’t happy with it because the music was just too difficult to read on screen. But then I figured out how to zoom in closer to the music with the crop/pan tool, and use keyframes to make the music scroll down. The result was much easier to read.

 And my most recent effort, with a slightly more elaborate use of keyframes; Spring and Fall.

More will follow soon.

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