Possibly not my best idea

When I first started this blog a few years ago, I called it “Works and Progress,” a title I never actually liked. So when I migrated it over to my own domain, I decided not to bother thinking up a clever title, so I just called it “Daniel Powers, composer and arranger.” But I recently realized I don’t care for that either; it lacks pizazz or something.

In trying to think up a better title, I remembered an old idea from college years; I would write my autobiography and call it “Difficult Resolutions,” a play on the motto for the last movement for string quartet that Beethoven ever wrote. Since I have no actual desire to write an autobiography (and who would read it?), why not use it for a blog instead?

So I changed it.

Of course, the minute I did, I realized that “Difficult Resolutions” isn’t that great a title, either. It’s clever, I suppose, but not really appropriate. After all, I’m not struggling with difficult questions or writing blunt, agonizing essays about the inner turmoil of an artist, bla bla bla. All I want to do is chronicle what I’m doing, and maybe link to a few sites I find interesting. Nothing heavy or anything like that.

So, I need a new title. I’m open to suggestions.

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