March 2011

Wow. I remember that at one point not too long ago, I had decided to post here more frequently. But last night I realized that almost two months have gone by without a peep from me. The usual excuses are in force (too busy, etc.), but since I’m currently in the last days of Spring Break, it would seem to be a good time to get caught up.

So, first of all, let’s get caught up on the piano/percussion quartet. In my last post, I mentioned that the piece finally seemed to be getting under way after I had cut a lot of material and reorganized the expected form. I could almost say the same thing here, since I’ve cut more and simplified the expected form even further. One of the ideas to go was the idea which got the piece started in the first place, the idea of the long, evolving electronic drones. The more I worked with it, the less interesting it seemed to be. Plus, the¬†difficulties of combining live instruments with recorded electronics just felt too daunting, and dealing with it was holding the piece back.

So. Gone are the drones, gone are the electronics, and the piece finally seems to be moving along.

Also, I have a new working title: Auspicious Light. I’m not willing to commit to it yet, but I like it better than Iris.

A few other things have also gone through. At the request of the Terre Haute Symphony, I did a new arrangement of Shenandoah for their upcoming concert next month. This one is completely different from my previous arrangement, being set as a jazz ballad for voice, rhythm section, and strings. Hopefully I can post a recording later.

The last half of Spring semester is always the busiest time of year, what with teaching responsibilities, orchestra gigs, and whatnot. So I won’t make any promises to post more frequently, but I’ll try.

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