Early November mini-update

Just a small update this time since relatively little time has passed since the last one.

Anyway, all the arrangements for this year’s round of Christmas concerts are finally done, so I can finally get The Star Spangled Banner and the Gurewich Concerto back on the table and put the finishing touches on. Then I’ll finally be done with arrangements for a while! I’m looking forward to being able to get back to composing.

Speaking of which, the paperwork has been submitted to get funding for the commission for the piece for two pianos and percussion. I have a few ideas circulating, but nothing written down just yet. I expect I’ll finally have time to seriously work on it in a week or two.

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One Response to Early November mini-update

  1. Gerald says:

    Small update for a length ahead it appears…

    We would love to listen at these asap, if possible.
    You are right, being an excellent arranger should not override the need for full creation and composing.
    Two pianos & percussion ? ambitious & not so common…


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