Opportunities sometimes knock twice

It isn’t time for an update yet, but several things have happened in the last few weeks, and suddenly a lot of opportunities are knocking. None of these are actual projects yet, but it looks like they’ll become projects soon, so here’s a preview.

I mentioned several posts back that I had been approached by Robert Riseling, a clarinettist, about writing a piece for clarinet, bassoon, and piano. At the time, it didn’t look like anything would come of it, but I heard from him again a few days ago, and the idea has been revived. I had met him a year or so ago, and given him a copy of my first CD. He liked the first piece, Prelude and Bacchanal for violin, horn, and piano, and has requested that the new trio end in that style. The proposed piece is a three movement work, approximately 15 minutes long, and while no deadline has been set, I am tentatively planning to have it done next summer sometime.

Among other projects, it looks like I will be doing some orchestral arrangements for Steve Lippia for upcoming appearances with the Carmel and Columbus Symphonies. Titles are still being discussed, but “Unforgettable,” “Beyond the Sea,” “Mack the Knife,” and others have been mentioned. I will have to start soon, as the performances are in February, I think! Can I do it?

From out of nowhere, I got an e-mail from Jack de Mello (the link goes to one of his CDs, he doesn’t seem to have a personal site that I could find), who is interested in having me do some orchestral arrangements of Hawaiian music, and realizing my arrangements for virtual orchestra. He wants me to try out for it, so I’m putting together some audition material, and we’ll see what happens. (I’m hoping this goes somewhere; I’ve spent enough on virtual orchestra products, it would be nice to actually start making some money with it!)

Today I wrote a 1-page piece for solo flute, called Arabesque. The Terre Haute Symphony is having auditions soon, and David Bowden, the conductor, wanted me to write some new sight-reading material. Arabesque is the first piece in that project. It turned out pretty well, and may become an actual piece.

Finally, I thought of a better title for that trio I wrote last year for trombone, euphonium, and piano. Euphoria was already taken, but I couldn’t think of anything better until recently. The new title is In Praise of Folly. I don’t know how much better it is than the original, but it has the advantage of not having been used before, that I know of. It has gone to the printer, so it’s too late to change it anyway.

Between Spring and Summer for saxophone quartet is now available in print. It’ll be up on the SWP website as soon as I’m finished updating it.

A full update will follow in a week or so.

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