Masterworks Vol. 11

I haven’t received any official release announcement yet, but I checked out the website yesterday and learned that Masterworks of the New Era, Vol 11 has finally been released.

Important news for me, since my orchestra work The Starry Messenger is scheduled to be included on Volume 12 of the series. I called them to find out what the timetable for that release would be, and was informed it would be out in four to six weeks.

So, sometime in November, it seems, I’ll finally get to hear this piece that was recorded in June of last year! And was originally supposed to have been out by January! Aargh…

Stay tuned.

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  1. Andrew March says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Just a quick e-mail from a fellow composer in the United Kingdom (London). I know how you feel about this waiting game with ERM Media. They are dreadful for holding back the release of the volumes of Masterworks for what seems like an age.

    I was recorded on Volume 7 (an orchestral piece called ‘A Stirring in the Heavenlies’), and again for Volume 11 (an 8-piece ensemble work called ‘Nymphéas’). I am still waiting to hear the piece which has been long since recorded and has been included on volume 11 ! I’m going nuts waiting. I haven’t yet received the complementary CDs, nor did they send me an MP3 of the recording (of Nymphéas) which I specifically requested a month or so ago!

    Anyway, it looks like Volume 11 should have been released Friday 28th September. (

    Hang in there, because (eventually) they do keep their word! With Volume 7, I got my 25 complimentary CDs. Perhaps you should ask ERM Media to send you an MP3 of your recorded work? (You will have to nag them quite a bit in order to get this before the CD comes out.) I know that they have done this for another recorded artist who will be featured on vol. 12 (Tiffany M. Skidmore ) who told me that they sent her an MP3 of her new piece entitled “Peace”, (which will be on Vol 12 with yourself.)

    Just to encourage you a bit, quite my chance, I just found ERM Media Masterworks Vol 7 on the Naxos Music Library website in Japan ! I was really amazed to see this.

    This affiliation with Naxos can only be a good thing for all of us.

    Very best wishes from London.

    Andrew March

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