A late August update

The Cole Porter arangements for Cameron Carpenter and the Carmel Symphony are finished, score and parts have been sent in, and (most importantly) I’ve gotten paid for them.

My main project now is the Star Spangled Banner, which I mentioned a few posts back, but had to put aside for a while due to the urgency of the Cole Porter arrangements. Now it’s back on the top of the pile, and has an urgency of its own. I’m supposed to have a choral score ready this week, so they can start recruiting and rehearsing the chorus. So my main focus is on that; so far there isn’t much down for the orchestral parts. For example, I still have no idea how the arrangement is going to begin or end, apart from the fact that these sections will be orchestral only (no chorus). It’s the exact opposite of the way I usually work, which is to get the beginning and ending down first. But I suppose, to be successful, we must learn to adapt our working habits to the situation at hand.

Once that’s done, other projects are in line to follow. Plus I’m trying to get a promotional postcard out to orchestras this week, and update the Swan’s Wing Press website to include online ordering (if I can figure out how it works!).

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