July 2010 update

For some reason, posting my monthly update just completely slipped my mind till now. I’m probably thinking too much, or maybe it’s advancing age. I am turning 50 next week after all!

Oh, let’s see…I am working on many things, but it seems I’ve been working kind of halfhazardly recently. So many projects on the table, I’m tending to work on stuff whenever it occurs to me to do so, I’m not really being very organized about it. But still, I’m working fairly often, since it’s Summer and my schedule’s pretty light. So…

I have several things that can be considered top priority. As I mentioned last month, I’ve been asked to arrange several pieces for the Carmel Symphony. Cameron Carpenter will be performing with them again this October and I’m arranging a set of Cole Porter songs for the concert. Anything Goes is just about finished except for some details. Next up will be So In Love, then Let’s Misbehave. (I’m actually working on them in the opposite order that they’ll be performed).

In February, the Carmel Symphony will be moving into The Palladium, a new, state-of-the-art performing arts center. For the occasion, I’ve been asked to do a special arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner.” This won’t be your usual arrangement. For once, I’m arranging the whole song. It’s odd that you never hear anything except the first verse. For me, the song doesn’t make any sense unless you hear all four verses (well, actually, I could live without the third). So I’m happy to try to rectify the situation in a small way. The arrangement will include a 250-voice professional chorus, and extra brass, so just color me happy! This isn’t a chance that comes along every day!

Other stuff; I’m trying to get a choral piece started. The Sycamore Singers suggested something with a Christmas theme, but I’m sick of Christmas music, so instead I’m looking for some poems on a more generally Winter-oriented theme. Today I sketched out a few ideas for a setting of Witter Bynners The Wintry Mind, and am also considering other poems by Bynner and Robert Frost. But nothing definite yet on that front.

Despite being sick of Christmas music, I’m trying to get a couple of new titles ready in time for the Christmas season. One is the arrangement of Carol of the Birds that I did a few years ago for 10 solo strings, and am now adapting for string orchestra. Also, a new engraved edition of Leon Jessel’s Parade of the Wooden Soldiers, which is actually finished except for a program note at the beginning. Hopefully both will go to the printer soon.

I’ve been looking at Strings In The Earth And Air from time to time. With everything else that’s going on there’s been no time to work on it, but I really want to finish it soon.

My a capella arrangement of Back Home In Indiana got back from the printer a few days ago. Need to send out a letter about it soon.

And other things as well. Like I said, too much to remember.

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  1. Robert Weber says:

    Wow, you are a busy guy, Dan! If you need a copyist (Finale) let me know!


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