Summing up 2009

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and that means it’s time to look back over the year. When I did this last year, I noted that I’d done a lot of arrangements, but not much composition. I had hoped to reverse that trend, and I did better this year, but not quite as well as I’d hoped.

So, looking back…

New compositions

  • Cloudscapes for flute choir
  • one movement of Trio for clarinet, bassoon, and piano
  • two settings of poems from Joyce’s Chamber Music (I Would In That Sweet Bosom Be and Who Goes Among the Greenwood) for male chorus and piano
  • various unfinished pieces

New arrangements

  • Two Gershwin songs for organ and orchestra, for Cameron Carpenter and the Carmel Symphony.
  • Three Sondheim songs and three songs from West Side Story (the last one still in progress, but nearly done) for soprano and orchestra, for Sylvia McNair and the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic (also the Carmel Symphony).
  • Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise for cello and orchestra, for Kurt Fowler and the Terre Haute Symphony.

Here’s hoping next year will be even better.

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