In Praise of Folly

In Praise of Folly was commissioned by a pair of students at Indiana State University; AJ Miller (euphonium) and Brian Loomis (bass trombone). They premiered it in April 2008 with Martha Krasnican on piano.

The title (like many of my titles) has little to do with the piece, but owes only to chance. Originally, I wanted to call it Euphoria, but found out that the title had already been used by Derek Bourgois. By merest chance, I happened across a reference to the satirical mock-oration In Praise of Folly by the Dutch scholar Dediderius Erasmus (1466-1536), and decided to borrow the title because I liked the sound of it.

The recording is from a concert performance by AJ Miller (euphonium), Brian Loomis (bass trombone), and Martha Krasnican (piano) at ISU’s Contemporary Music Festival in October 2008.

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