August update

No posts at all last month! Must have been fairly uneventful.

But not completely. Here’s an update on various things.

New compositions. Still nothing on the table, but I’ve made a few sketches for a new project that I hope to begin soon. Need to finish the other things first. Gotta pay the bills.

New arrangements. Also known as “The Things That Pay The Bills.” The arrangement of I’m Gonna Float My Boat Right Back To Terre Haute is done (except for making a vocal score for the soloist). Currently working on Shall We Gather At the River, for the same concert & soloist. Probably about 75% done on that, but haven’t yet figured out how to end it. Still, it’s going smoothly and should be done by the end of the week.

One thing I need to do soon is copy the orchestral score to Deep River into Finale. For some weird reason, I thought I’d already done that, but apparently all I did was write out a draft score. I guess I got distracted and forgot about it. Maybe I’ll start doing that as soon as I get the other things off the table.

New publications. OK, I’ve pretty much dropped the ball on these. Several pieces are ready to go to print, but I just keep getting caught up in other things and forgetting to finish up with them. They’re done, except I still need to get the covers and program notes, etc., done. Better get these done soon.

New websites. A source of unending frustration all summer. Two problems keep getting in the way. First, that I’m not a web designer, not really. And second, I’ve been trying to use Expression Web as my website designing program, which is a new program for me and one I just can’t figure out.

Anyway, I’m giving up on it and going back to Front Page, which is a discontinued program and no longer supported by Microsoft, but at least I know how to use it. So as a stopgap measure, I am slapping together a couple of websites in Front Page, which I will upload when they’re done. It’s going a lot smoother now, and I hope to get them up soon.

Once they’re up, I think it would be a good idea to stop trying to do things I don’t know how to do. When I can, I’ll shop around for a professional to design my sites (at least the Swan’s Wing Press one, which is more of a business site and needs a professional touch).

Other. Program notes for Carmel Symphony and Terre Haute Symphony. Coming along, but behind schedule. Updated Basic Scoring Book. Haven’t started yet. School starts in three weeks! Help!

A few more things to relate, but they’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

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