September 2009 update

1. I’m going around telling people that the first movement of Trio for clarinet, bassoon, and piano is finished. And it is, sort of, except that there’s still that part in the middle that I need to rewrite (only 6 bars or so). Also general editing and housekeeping tasks need to be done at some point.

I now have a deadline for it. Bob Reisling has let me know that they would like to premiere it in April, possibly, so I’m going to try to have the whole thing done by the end of January. With so many other projects, I may be putting too much pressure on myself, but one by one the projects are getting done.

2. I’ve finished an arrangement of Gershwin’s Fascinating Rhythm for organ and orchestra that I’m doing in collaboration with Cameron Carpenter¬†for a November 8 gig with the Carmel Symphony. There are to be three arrangements eventually. I’m at work on Shall We Dance, which will end the set. In between, there is going to be Love Walked In, which may end up being an organ solo with minimal orchestral accompaniment.

3. Program notes for Terre Haute Symphony and Carmel Symphony are finished and have been turned in.

4. A recent development at Indiana State University is that I am not teaching Basic Scoring this year, so any further work on the scoring textbook is moot for now. There’s a chance that I’ll be given it back sometime, so the textbook may get dusted off eventually.

Instead, I’m teaching a section of Music Tech, which is mainly an introduction to Finale, though I’m planning to do a section on Garageband, too. I’m enjoying the class, but I miss my scoring class.

5. I’m trying to get a duet for flute and euphonium started. A few pages of sketches, but no real traction on it yet.

In the wings, six arrangements for Sylvia McNair, of Sondheim and Bernstein songs. For a February gig with the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic. These have been on my mind for a while, but have to finish the Gershwin arrangements first. Also, at some point, a transcription of Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise for cello and string orchestra, for a March concert in Terre Haute. Maybe after that I can breathe a little!

It’s Labor Day weekend, and I have no gigs, so maybe I can get some work done!

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