Birthday update

My birthday was actually yesterday, nearly coinciding with my planned mid-month update.

There’s been considerable progress on the Trio in the past few days. In my last update I referred to deleting and attempting to rewrite a passage of seveal bars. Well, I pushed my way through them, but they still aren’t good. So I decided to leave them for now and maybe come back to them later.

Since making that decision, I’ve actually gotten a large amount done. The section I’ve been working on for the past several days is mainly a recapitulation of a passage from earlier in the piece. So I just copied the entire passage and pasted it in (which is something I usually advise my students not to do!), and now I’m working on introducing some variation into the recapitulation. After that, it will just be a matter of figuring out how to end the movement.

The trio is still my top priority, but I have many other projects that need attention. I have a season’s worth of program notes to write for both the Terre Haute and Carmel Symphony Orchestras, which I’ll go do as soon as I finish blogging! I’ve also been wanting to make some changes to the Scoring textbook, so I need to find time for that pretty soon, as Summer break won’t last forever (much as I wish it could!).

Let’s see, what else? I got Strings In The Earth And Air out from the bottom of the pile and worked on it for a little bit yesterday. Seems like months since I looked at it last. Oddly, I had thought it was much farther along than it is. Turns out there’s a lot more to do on it than I thought. But it must remain a low priority for now.

A few projects are in the wings, namely a set of arrangements for Cameron Carpenter and the Carmel Symphony, and Sylvia McNair with the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic. Still waiting to find out exactly what I need to do, but will have to begin as soon as I find out.

Finally, a new MIDI project. An acquaintance of mine who’s a massage therapist has been bugging me to write some relaxation-type music, and for some reason I find the idea interesting. I recorded a piece recently (will upload it here soon), and have some ideas for others. I still don’t know if this will go anywhere, and anyway it has to be a low priority for now.

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