“Back Home in Indiana” at National Cathedral

My arrangement of Back Home In Indiana will be performed at the National Cathedral in Washington DC on Sunday morning. The Vigo County School Corporation Select Choir, who commissioned the arrangement for this concert, will be performing at 10:45 as the prelude choir for a service at 11:15. I’m told it will be broadcast live over the internet. Go to the National Cathedral’s home page¬†where a link to streming audio should appear.

Edit: June 15. Apparently I was misinformed. I just watched the broadcast, and while the choir sounded great, my arrangement was nowhere to be heard. I don’t know what the situation is here. Hopefully I’ll find out soon.

Edit: June 18. OK, here’s the deal. They didn’t perform it at the National Cathedral, but they did perform it twice at various receptions during their trip. Good. That actually makes more sense than to perform it as part of a church service. So it turns out I wasn’t actually misinformed, just confused. Sorry.

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