July 2009 update

Trio for clarinet, bassoon, and piano continues to be my main project. It’s still proceeding maddeningly slowly, for reasons I can’t figure out. It’s actually turning out quite well, but it’s a struggle. My main accomplishment in the last few days has been to delete several bars and attempt to rewrite them. Today I finally made some progress.

I had hoped to have the first movement complete by now, but I’m only about halfway through.

Some other things are going but are a lower priority. I have a few little MIDI pieces done, for a possible CD project, but it hasn’t really taken shape yet. The whole idea is still pretty amorphous, so I probably can’t say anything about it just now.

Other projects have been of a non-compositional character. I am putting the final touches on Cloudscapes and am getting it ready to go to print. And am gathering material for program notes for the Terre Haute Symphony and Carmel Symphony.

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