May 2009 update

The May update is pretty much a carbon copy of the April update. Still working on the Trio for clarinet, bassoon, and piano, and am hoping that Summer will give me time to build up a little momentum on it. Currently, I’m well into the first movement, and yesterday, I filled a page with sketches for the third movement. There are only vague ideas for the second movement right now.

I’m also hoping for time to work on several pieces that have been on the metaphorical back burner for a long time. Like Strings In The Earth And Air, as well as the still untitled piece for cello and virtual instruments.

Other projects include finishing up the editing of the Concerto Piccolo, and getting the Rejoice and Be Merry book out the door. Also putting the final touches on this site, then getting started on updating the Swan’s Wing Press site.

Some potential new projects are waiting in the wings. None are definite yet, so I’ll hold off on announcing them.

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