A little story

This isn’t much of a story, but it gave me a laugh so I though I’d share it.

On Friday, ISU held a farewell banquet for outgoing president Lloyd Benjamin. As part of the festivities, I was commissioned to write a short fanfare for the ISU faculty brass quintet, which they performed at the beginning of the entertainment portion of the evening. Later on, Samantha Wittinghouse, a sophomore voice student, sang “Ave Maria” (the Bach-Gounod one) and Frank Bridge’s “Love Went Riding,” accompanied by my wife Martha (hi, again!)

Last night, I was talking to Brian Kilp and Randy Mitchell, two members of the brass quintet. They passed along several nice comments that they got about my fanfare, including the following, which was nice and a little strange.

Apparently one person raved about the brass quintet’s performance, and wondered “Why didn’t your band play more numbers, instead of having that girl sing that weird stuff?”

So…I’m less weird than Bach, it seems. Good to know!

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