Project update, May 2008

I’ve been enjoying a few weeks with no projects. I managed to get everything done by the middle of last month, and had nothing urgent waiting in the wings. Of course, that couldn’t last.

1. Army Air Corps Medley. A medley of “Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer” and the “Army Air Corps Song,” commissioned by the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic. It’s kind of a last-minute thing, with a scheduled performance in about three weeks, so priority: urgent. Status: underway. This one is going to be fun, getting to arrange something in a 1940’s big band style, something I like doing, but rarely get to do.

2. New film score “Full Circle.” This is for another contest, again sponsored by SoundsOnline, again with an animated video by Zennor Alexander. Deadline isn’t till June 30, so priority: low for the moment. Status: begun, but just barely.

3. New web sites. My current website has pretty much outgrown its original purpose. For years, it’s served double duty as both my business and personal website, but the two functions seem to be battling each other, and it doesn’t look good. So I’m revamping the Swan’s Wing Press site as a strictly publishing venture, and creating a new site to focus on my creative activities and whatever else sounds interesting. Status: not really begun yet as I’m trying to figure out the new website designing program I got. Also I still need to register a new domain name for the new site.

Other stuff? I’m sure there will be. I can’t seem to sit around idle for long (even though I sometimes wish I could!)

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