April update

Let’s see…

Trio for clarinet, bassoon, and piano is still progressing. It’s a little slow getting out of the gate, though. I’m still doing random sketches, basically, and haven’t started a draft score yet.

Still untitled piece for cello and virtual instruments is basically written in draft at this point, but needs a full score prepared, then I need to start sequencing the virtual parts. I still need to work out the instrumentation, but will certainly include some Omnisphere and very likely Vienna Chamber Strings and Glass Harmonica (possibly also harp). This may need to wait till summer. Kurt Fowler is already on board to record the cello part.

3. Concerto Piccolo publication. I’ve been editing the score and parts to Concerto Piccolo to eventually release them to the larger universe. The piano reduction and piccolo part are already done and I have some printed up. The score is done, but not yet printed. Parts are in progress. Once it’s done, I have to figure out how to promote it, not really my strong suit. (Suggestions will be welcome).

Other stuff. The book of Rejoice and Be Merry has been delayed too many times, but finally seems about to get off the ground. Glenn Dunlap has shown me a proof of the cover, which I plan to proofread in a few days when there aren’t so many things going on. I also need to provide copy for the inside of the cover, then it will be ready to go to print. All of the actual music is already done.

And the new website is taking up more of my time than I would have imagined. Mainly because I keep thinking of new cool stuff to do with it. My latest idea is to create a separate post for every piece and categorize them by genre or by project. I probably won’t carry it through every single piece I’ve ever written!!!, but hit the more important ones at least. Also, I have to finish adding a list of arrangements and so on, and more audio files. What a nightmare!

Oh, and once I’m caught up with this website, I’m going to do it all again with the Swan’s Wing Press site. Unless I come to my senses soon.

April is generally the craziest month of the year, with the end of the school year and the performing season and all. Looking forward to summer.

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