This is just odd

I was on the other day, and just to see what would happen I searched for myself. It was interesting to see that my first CD, Spring and Fall, came up as the second item listed.

It was also interesting to see that Amazon is “selling” it for $19.99. I use the quotation marks on “selling” because, as far as I know, not a single CD has been sold through Amazon. It isn’t surprising to see why, since my price on CD Baby is only $12.99.

But wait, it gets odder! The Amazon listing has five businesses listing it under their affiliate program or whatever its called. The cheapest one listed there is $14.47, but one outfit in New York is actually selling it for $39.99! I suppose I should be flattered that someone actually thinks its worth that much, but I doubt that’s actually the case. Frankly, I doubt that they even have it in stock. More likely, they just list things they find on the internet somewhere, which they then mark up by a ridiculous amount. It doesn’t cost them anything, and if someone is actually clueless enough to buy it from them, they just order it from CD Baby, package it up, and ship it.

That’s just a guess. Maybe they really do think it’s good enough to charge that much!

Anyway, I wouldn’t order it from them, if you were tempted. CD Baby is really the only place I’m actively selling it, so if you want it, order it from them. I’ll make the same amount of money from it no matter who you buy it from, but CD Baby will save you a few bucks. A word to the wise.

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