April status report

It’s April 1st, and time for another update.

Not very many current projects, since I’m still making an effort not to start anything new till I get all the old stuff off the table. There’s still a few things, though, and a few potential new projects for the future.

1. Fanfare for brass quintet. This is underway, and since it’s going to be short, won’t take long.

2. Basic Scoring textbook. Nearly done. We meet as a class only four more times, and I’m committed to having the thing done by the last class, so it has to be done by Wednesday next week. If I’d known how difficult it was going to be, I might have rethought my original plan. I’m not entirely happy with the way it turned out, but I’d say it’s a reasonably good first draft. Over the summer, I plan to work on it some more, maybe extend it, add more information, and generally polish it up. I’ll be teaching the class again in the fall, and maybe by then I’ll have a reasonably good second draft ready to give them.

Also: I haven’t mentioned yet that I’ve been doing some Finale work for an upcoming book of Mozart selections arranged for flute and piano, to be published soon by Theodore Presser & Co. I’m making a second pass through it, incorporating corrections by the arranger and editors. Behind schedule, I’m sorry to say, but nearly ready to send in.

And that’s pretty much all the stuff on the table at the moment. Soon all that will be done, and I’ll be ready to start some new projects finally. As it happens, there are a few things waiting for my attention, but I’ll have more to say about them later.

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