When Oscar Met Claudia

Oscar and Claudia met at the Omnisphere one-hour challenge on February 23, 2009, and soon number 18 entered the world.

When Oscar Met Claudia

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 Patches used (in order of appearance)

  • Dystopian Clock Hit 2

  • Claudia’s Cluster

  • Cresting Swell

  • Pure VCO Strings

  • OSCar Bass 1

  • Clocking the Timeshift

  • Freezing Vinyl Pad

  • Jazz Stacks Mixed Doo-Dah^

After the train wreck of the previous piece, this one restored my confidence in the whole enterprise. For a while, I was hoping I’d get to do something with a laid-back jazzy feel to it, and this one provided just the combination of patches I was hoping for.

The Jazz Stacks were fun to work with, as was the OSCar bass, and I liked the rhythmic background provided by “Clocking the Timeshift.” I don’t think the “Pure VCO Strings” worked very well; I would have preferred a more natural sound.

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