Rheostatic Breakdown

The Omnisphere one-hour challenge, number 17, recorded February 20, 2009.

Rheostatic Breakdown

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 Patches used (in order of appearance)

  • Breaking Up In Reno

  • Mellow OrganRhodes

  • Evil Circuitry

  • Power Trance Octolead

  • Crystalline Towers

  • TranceChords

  • Rheostatic Music Box

  • Wobbling Bass

I think by the time I recorded this one, I was starting to get tired of the whole idea, but I was determined to keep going because for some reason I wanted to reach an even twenty pieces. If it weren’t for that irrational concern, I don’t think I would have bothered to post this one.

This is probably the worst entry in the whole project. I was just so uninspired that I couldn’t even come up with a good ending; you can hear the piece just kind of fizzling out at the end. If every piece I wrote were this bad, I think I’d just have to make myself give up.

Fortunately, they got better after this.

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