Cosmic Junkyard

The 15th entry in the Omnisphere one-hour challenge, recorded February 10, 2009.

Cosmic Junkyard

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 Patches used (in order of appearance)

  • OB Resosweep

  • JP Sawtoothy Octavo

  • White Avalanche

  • Punjabi Drone

  • Tuvan Male 1 – Drone 4

  • The Atonal Playground

  • VP-330 Octavox Ensemble

Loaded but not used

  • Glitchfield Swell 2

Finally, something with a drum track! “The Atonal Playground” provided a rather odd percussion background, which was just me programming a rhythmic pattern in the arpeggiator and holding down random keys. Worked nicely, and could be a useful effect sometime.

This is one of my favorites, and always gets a smile out of me.

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