One more thing down

Euphoria is nearly finished, finally. And I’m now thinking I’ll keep the title. Yes, it’s been used already, but I like it.

I just printed out the first version of the score. It need some editing and correcting before it’s ready to join the larger universe. Also, I have to extract the parts for trombone and euphonium. But that shouldn’t take long.

Now…I have to put the finishing touches on the “Back Home Again In Indiana” arrangement, and I’ll be all caught up.

Actually, no I won’t. I’ll just be able to move on to other things. Let’s see…

I’ll need to get back to the scoring book. Next is a chapter dealing with approaching the orchestration of an entire piece. Then several chapters on arranging. At least I’ll be able to devote more time to it.

I have to make a lot of corrections to a large Finale project that I’m doing for a client. I’m behind on it, but maybe now I can get caught up.

In my capacity as librarian for the Terre Haute Symphony, I have to be getting folders ready for the children’s concert next month. That shouldn’t take very long either, but I just need to find a few hours in the next few days when I’m not doing anything else. Maybe I can do that tomorrow.

Soon I’ll be able to start something new, or get out one of several pieces I’ve started but haven’t had time to finish. And of course I’ll post an update here.

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