Number six in the Omnisphere one-hour challenge.


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December 22, 2008

Patches used (in order of appearance)

  • Ponderosa Prophet
  • Love Signs and Triangles (the “echo” beginning at approx. 0:07)
  • Pipe Harp 1 (should be obvious)

Loaded but not used

  • Petroleum
  • Bending Flurry
  • Super 5ths
  • Cheap Trance Romance
  • Bright Blue Power

My favorite one so far. I love those thick, warm sounds, and I fell in love with “Ponderosa Prophet” the moment I heard it. Luckily, “Love Signs and Triangles” complemented it perfectly, and the piece is mainly built around the interplay between these two pad sounds.

The weak part is the “Pipe Harp.” I’m not crazy about the sound of it, and I’m not sure it contributes much to the piece. If I ever do it over, I may try a different patch, or even leave it out altogether.

This piece came together quickly. I had plenty of time to add something from the other loaded patches, but nothing else seemed necessary.

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