Ash and Stone

The fifth entry in the Omnisphere one-hour challenge.

Ash and Stone

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December 19, 2008

Patches used (in order of appearance)

  • Rusting Cluster Pad (at the beginning, also the arpeggiated figure at 1:03)
  • Ashes (at beginning, slightly after the Rusting Cluster is heard)
  • Hummstretcher Drone (at about 0:05, and drone at 1:03)
  • Dynamic Violence (only one note, at about 0:09)
  • Love Triangle Bells (the ostinato beginning at 0:12)
  • Bursting (lead at 0:23)
  • The Greek Master (horn-like lead at 0:26 and chords at 1:28)
  • Sustanance (the crunched guitar-type sound at 0:37 and 1:28)

I’m not crazy about this one, frankly. I was trying for an aggressive, prog-rock sound, but it didn’t turn out well. I think some kind of drum track would have helped, but according to my own rules, I had to work with what came up. Well, it was a good try, at least.

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