Project update for March

I usually like to do these at the beginning of the month, but it was hard finding free time for a few days. The only reason I’m even doing it now is that we weren’t able to go to Bloomington today. Martha was supposed to accompany a recital there, but the weather turned bad and we couldn’t make it. The recital’s already been rescheduled, so that worked out. Meanwhile, we have an unexpected evening off! So I’m taking part of it to do some updates.

1. {Euphoria} Still no idea what to actually call this thing, but it’s nearly done, so I’ll have to settle on a title very soon. I probably have less than a minute’s worth of music to write, so it shouldn’t be too much longer on this.

2. Basic Scoring textbook. The section on orchestration is almost done. We had our last class before spring break this morning. Over break I’m planning to write a fairly lengthy chapter on the process of orchestrating a complete work (as opposed to the brief excerpts that we’ve been using so farĀ as excercises). Then a few chapters on arranging, and I’ll be done with this version.

The process has been kind of frustrating. I know I can write a better book, but it’s all I can do to just finish each chapter in time to give it to the class. So, as a summer project, I’m tentatively planning to revamp the whole thing from start to finish, so the next class will have something a bit better. Perhaps it will continue to get revised every semester for a while, and eventually I’ll have a book to my credit that isn’t too embarrasing!

3. Arrangement of “Back Home Again In Indiana.” Again, nearly done. I hope to have time to wrap it up over the weekend, but more likely it’s going to need a few days into next week.

That’s all for now. I have a few ideas for future projects, but they’ll have to wait.

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