The first piece in the Omnisphere one-hour challenge. Give a listen:


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Created November 22, 2008. 

Patches used (in order of appearance)

  • Piano Morphing
  • Twilight Passing (0:06)
  • Buenos Aires in Reverse 1 (0:07)
  • Radio Chamber Strings (0:14)
  • Church Bowls (0:18)
  • Double Tracked 6-strings (0:42. Heavily modified with chorusing, EQ, and reverb)

Also loaded but not used

  • Phillip’s Glass Staccato Soprano
  • Hihat open 1

I hope it doesn’t need to be stated, but despite the title, this track was not inspired by the popular series of vampire books, nor the movie based on them. I haven’t read the books, I haven’t seen the movie, and I don’t find vampires particularly interesting.

Most of the patches that came up in the selection process suggested a dark, spooky texture study. The Piano Morphing patch, the first one we hear, really set the tone for the rest of the piece.

The “Double Tracked 6-strings” (Acoustic guitar) was a problem. I tried to modify the tone somewhat to fit into the overall character of the piece, but I don’t think I quite nailed it. I couldn’t do anything with the Soprano or Hihat, so I just left them out.

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