The Rules

Here are the rules I created for the Omnisphere one-hour challenge. (I’ll admit, I don’t always follow them to the letter, but hey, my game, my rules, right?) 

1. Create a project in your DAW consisting of eight MIDI tracks and a single instance of Omnisphere. No other instruments nor effects are to be used.

2. Load the eight slots in Omnisphere with eight randomly selected patches. Any means of random selection may be used. (Typically I’ll click on the Shuffle button a few times, scroll down a bit, then without looking directly at the list, I’ll click on a patch name.)

3. A patch, once selected, may not be changed. However, you may modify it in any way you see fit, including changing the soundsources.

4. If desired, you may take up to five minutes to experiment with the patches before beginning your composition.

5. You have exactly one hour to record a work. At the end of the hour you must stop, even if the work is incomplete.

I’ve gone through this process twenty times now–more, really, but there have been at least a couple of occasions when the project went so badly that I didn’t even bother to finish it. Those failed attempts are not included here.

The efforts posted here are offered in the spirit of sharing. I think of these as just the result of a creative game I play every once in a while. None of them are “real pieces,” if that makes any sense, but some of them, like the Velveteen Rabbit, may become real later on, with a little bit of love and attention.

In this category, each piece has its own post, with a patch list and a few words of explanation. If you just want to listen without reading a bunch of commentary, go here. Otherwise, read on, and feel free to leave a comment.

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