Not much new to report. Nothing is finished yet, but I’m plugging away on the same projects. The euphonium trio has taken an unexpected turn. I had thought of a group of three short movements, but it turns out that a single long movement is emerging. An idea I had that I thought was going to be a seperate slow movement has become instead a slow interlude in the midst of an otherwise fast movement. It’s good, actually, because it saves me from having to come up with an idea for a third movement. (For some reason, that was proving difficult.)

I’ve started an arrangement of Back Home Again In Indiana for a cappella choir. Not too far along yet.

Sometime soon I have to start that fanfare for brass quintet. All these things are supposed to be done by the end of the month.

And still working on the scoring textbook. It’s a bit stressful to be working on this and trying to stay in sync with the class, but somehow I’m doing it.

Spring Break is three weeks away. I really need a vacation.

Oh, and my wife Martha is mad at me because I haven’t mentioned her in this blog yet. Sorry, honey.

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