Another project update – February 2008

Kind of busy last week, so I’m behind on a lot of things. Here’s a quick update.

1. {Euphoria} for trombone, euphonium, and piano. The curly brackets are there because I know I have to change the title. Not only has it been used before, but it really isn’t appropriate to the piece.

It’s coming along nicely, but it seems to have changed. I’d planned on three short movements, but my ideas so far seem to need a bit longer development than I’d planned to give them. So this is not looking like it might be a single movement work after all.

2. Basic Scoring textbook. I’m actually enjoying the process of writing this, even though I’m just barely keeping up with the class. Starting tomorrow, we’re going to be discussing percussion instruments, and I don’t have much of that chapter written yet. So that’s going to be my top priority today.

Because of the time constraints, the textbook isn’t going into too much depth. But then, the class is “Basic” Scoring, and I think I’m hitting the basics pretty well. I’m thinking that during the summer I’ll work on it some more and get it into better shape, so it’ll be ready for next time I teach the class.

3. A couple of new projects in the wings. I’ve agreed to a couple of things. One of the local High School choirs is going to be performing at the National Cathedral later this year, and they want a special arrangement of Back Home Again In Indiana. Also, I’ve been asked to write a short fanfare for brass quintet for a farewell ceremony honoring Indiana State University’s president, who’s leaving after this term. I haven’t started either of these projects yet, but they’re due by the end of this month, so I’ll need to get started on them soon.

So I have plenty to do to keep me out of trouble. For now.

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