Project mini-update

I started the trombone/euphonium/piano trio over again last week with a completely new idea. This one seems to have some legs, and its progressing fairly smoothly now. The form is still fluid for now, but it looks like I’m going to end up with a work in three fairly short movements, fast/slow/fast; just your usual thing, in other words. A rhythmic opening section is pretty much done. Currently I’m trying to work out a more lyrical middle section, and plan to return to the rhythmic idea to close. And that will be the first movement. I’ve also got a small idea jotted down for the middle movement, but nothing material for the last movement yet.

The title is turning out to be a problem, as usual. Statements didn’t seem appropriate, then I had the idea of titling it Euphoria, but it turns out that Derek Bourgeois has already used that for a Euphonium piece. (By the way, if you Google “Bourgeois Euphoria,” you find some pretty interesting things!)

I can’t seem to stop myself from starting new projects. It’s a real problem. Consider: I am teaching a class in Basic Scoring here at Indiana State U. This is about the 8th or 10th time I’ve taught it, and I always used the same textbook. Until now. A week before the class started, I finally checked my messages, and learned that the textbook had been allowed to go out of print!

So what do I do? I start writing my own!!!! Why, why, why do I keep doing this to myself?

It isn’t actually a new idea; I’ve been considering doing this for years. The book I’d been using was fine, but contained a lot of information that wasn’t very useful, and was also very short in the example department. So I’ve been wanting to do my own book that would be more closely tailored to the way I teach the class.

Good idea, right? Or is it actually the dumbest idea I’ve ever had? It turns out that writing a book is difficult and time-consuming. Who knew?

I’m trying to slam out something with useful information, but I think the book is going to evolve over several semesters. I have no idea whether it will ever get to the point where it would be publishable.

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