Recent performances

My friend Allison Edberg¬†is giving a recital in about an hour, featuring a couple of my own pieces. At her request, I realized the figured bass to a group of Marin Marais’ viola da gamba pieces, which she is performing with Martha (on piano, since ISU’s harpsichord is a piece of crap), and Kurt Fowler on baroque cello. She and I are talking about doing a set of Marais transcriptions for publication. They’re really quite interesting.

She is also performing my song cycle from a few years ago, The Rain Is Full Of Ghosts. She’s performing with Martha on piano and Colleen Davis singing. Martha and Colleen gave the first few performances, with me on viola. It’s fun hearing Allison do it though, because she’s a million times better than me.

Also, Steve Lippia performed with the Carmel Symphony in Indianapolis on Saturday. His program was mostly the same as the one he did in Columbus last month, including three of the arrangements I did for him. I drove up to hear him (thanks to Kurt Fowler for getting me the ticket), and the show was great. Steve sounded good, and the Carmel Symphony is wonderful.

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