New Year, new project update

I guess I’ll keep trying to do these things once a month or so.

1. piece for euphonium, trombone, and piano. Status: trashed. I got to a point that I just couldn’t get past, and after rewriting the second section four times, I just gave up. I’m packing in the whole thing and starting over with a new idea.

2. The Concerto Project. Status: not much change. I’m back to working on it for an hour or so most nights, and it’s coming along slowly. (This is a project that needs its own post, so I’ll plan to create one soon, possibly tomorrow.

3. Other stuff. Um, well, that’s kind of it at the moment. I have some ideas in mind for new projects, and several old projects that I’d like to revisit, plus a few things that I’m just kind of fooling around with. Hopefully I’ll be able to report something new soon.

Oh, yes, I mustn’t forget: Happy New Year!

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