CGEmpire contest results

I didn’t win. That’s the bad news. On the other hand, my entry came in third (out of 24 total). I don’t win anything, but considering that this is only my second film score, I think I did respectably.

Since I’m no longer bound by anonymity, I’ve uploaded my entry to YouTube. You can see it here.

My soundtrack was created mainly with samples from Vienna Symphonic Library; the harp and glass harmonica from the now discontinued Horizon Series. You’ll also hear three different pad sounds, two from Absynth 3 and one which I programmed myself using glass samples from Bolder Sounds (I added chorusing and a low-pass filter to darken the sound.) Sequencing was in Sonar 5.

(While you’re at it, please have a look at my first film score, created for a competition hosted by Sounds Online. The film in this case was contributed to the contest by Zennor Alexander. For the contest, we were restricted to using products produced or distributed by Sounds Online, so mine used Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold XP, Symphonic Choirs, and a little of Percussive Adventures 1. It’s a very different film and inspired a very different score. Unfortunately, I didn’t do very well in that contest, failing even to make the first cut. Still, I like what I did, and I’m kind of having fun trying to figure this whole film score thing out. I wonder where this will lead, assuming it goes anywhere.)

Also: Little progress on the trombone/euponium piece this week. But I’m hoping to have time to work on it over the Christmas break. And I’m back at work on the Concerto Project, about which I plan to post soon.

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