Concerto Piccolo – done (almost)

I finally finished a draft score of Concerto Piccolo last night. It’s way overdue at this point, so I’m going to finish the final score at top speed. Not much needs to be done, mostly just tidying up the notation and touching up the orchestration, but the piece is almost all there at this point.

I mentioned earlier my problems with the ending. I finally solved them by scrapping the original ending entirely and writing a new one. Which of course meant I had to rewrite a considerable portion of the music leading up to it.

The problem with the original ending was that I just couldn’t figure out a way to integrate it with the rest of the movement. There was nothing wrong with it by itself, but it didn’t fit in with what came before. Most of the movement is fairly laid back in tempo and attitude, and the original ending was faster, more brilliant, and ended with a bang.

The new ending is completely different than before, continuing the moderate tempo of the rest of the movement, and ending quietly, with a casual little flourish from the solo piccolo. It probably isn’t what people are expecting, but it works much better and I like it.

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